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We make cleaning your carpets simple and stress-free. We save you time and energy, so you can enjoy doing the things you love, in the space you love. Our efficient process and friendly service will give you the kind of peace of mind that will ensure a lasting impression!

Your First Booking!

The best thing you should do before the cleaning team arrives is organize the moving of furniture from the carpet in order to clean carpets thoroughly. If you cannot do so on your own and you would like us to clean underneath it, we can do so at a small additional cost as this is outside of scope of work as carpet cleaning professionals.

The time it takes for us to clean your carpets depends on many factors such as the following: size of the carpet, dirt, marks and similar. For each of them cleaning should not take more than 30 - 40 min as a maximum and cleaning procedure consists of vacuuming, pre-treatment, main cleaning and polishing.

There is no need for you to vacuum your carpet before the cleaning team arrives as we use top-on-of-line professional, commercial vacuum cleaners that will remove dust from deep within the carpet(s).

We use Sparklify Professional Dry Carpet Cleaning Method. Which is low-moisture cleaning process, that involves high-end eco-friendly cleaning detergents and professional carpet cleaning equipment.

Your carpet will dry between 15-45 minutes which depends on many factors, especially how much we sprayed the carpet. If the carpet we are cleaning has a lot of marks, we must spray it a little more and then drying time in that case is the maximum up to 45 minutes

That is not applicable to our Sparklify Dry Carpet Cleaning Method as carpets cleaned by our Sparklify Dry Cleaning Method stay cleaner for much longer.

We can remove all cleanable marks 100%, however, we cannot remove permanent marks from any carpet as they are not cleanable. In addition to this, damaged fibre of carpet is not a mark; it is damaged piece of carpet that is a now a permanent fixture on the carpet.

Each cleaning cost is carefully calculated regarding many facts that affect cost of cleaning as following: size of the carpets, dirt, marks, furniture to be moved from the carpet, whether it is house or block of flats, whether the block of flats has a lift in working order, whether it is commercial or residential carpet, how far is the place from Claremont that we need to drive to clean the carpet(s), and many others.

With our Sparklify Super Professional Carpet Cleaning Team and our Super Carpet Cleaning Product (eco-friendly and antibacterial cleaning agent) and quality equipment for dry carpet cleaning We guarantee customer satisfaction which is proven with our very high number of reviews of 68 received from our satisfied clients and you can view our reviews on http://www.sparklify.co.za


Dry Carpet Cleaning

Our Sparklify Dry Carpet Cleaning Method differs from other dry carpet/rug cleaning methods. Sparklify uses top quality cleaning equipment and cleaning agents, while we use little or no water throughout the process.

Sparklify always achieves the excellent results in carpet cleaning. Added to this, there is no need for you to leave every door and window open while avoiding the carpet for hours, as with our dry cleaning process your carpets will be dry in minutes.
A trained supervisor attends each and every job that we do to ensure that cleaning meets our extremely high standards, and because we offer dry carpet cleaning, it can be done any time with no matter on the weather conditions.

Many companies use a dry cleaning method, but our Sparklify Dry Carpet Cleaning Method is different and Yes, Our Sparklify Dry Carpet Cleaning Method is very safe and recommendable for any carpet as our Sparklify Dry Method will never damage any carpet, will not damage any natural nor any artificial carpet.

Other Services

The Sparklify Team does not currently clean tiled floors

Yes the Sparklify Professional Carpet Cleaning team is well versed in cleaning all commercial spaces. And with our Sparklify Cleaning Method we ensure sprakling results and a quick-dry finish so that you can get back to business as soon as possible!

Currently we are professionally cleaning any type of rugs and mats onsite only.

With the Sparklify Professional Dry Carpet Cleaning Method your rugs will be successully cleaned within just 30mins.


Quick-Dry carpet cleaning method at affordable price.

Not convinced yet? See what our customers say! Or directly view Google Reviews here.

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